Your Hometown Parade

The 2019 Parade Winners

1- Moodus Drum and Fife
2- Sunrisers
3- Adamsville Ancients fife & Drum

1- Pittsfield
2- Hinsdale
3- Adams

1- Ghent VFW

1 – General Dynamics
2- Festival Latino of the Berkshires
3- Hinsdale Dayz

Antique Vehicles
1- Mike Fields. Tan model A pickup
2- Dan Scace. Blue 41 Chevy pickup
3-Nelson Belot Green model a pickup


The 2019 Parade Theme is 

The Berkshires – Past, Present and Future


2019 Parade Poster is Now Available










How can I support the parade?

Check out all of the available options to support the parade on our Support Page!

You can also join our Facebook page for the most up to date community fundraising endeavors.